CEO of BIT WORK, a leading exponent of the Science of Integral Wellbeing and Happiness.

Eduardo Masse, CEO, is a professional expert in human behavior and an authority on the Science of Integral Wellbeing and Happiness. We invite you to watch his interview with Harvard PhD. Tal Ben-Shahar on the philosophy and methodology of our program.

What we offer?

  • We turn your benefits into real productivity.
  • We will reduce your staff turnovers, sick leave and absenteeism.
  • Together with your team, we will transform the culture of your organization in
    less than 6 months.
  • We guarantee productivity and growth
  • We increase accountability, performance, level of commitment and well-being.
  • We identify your potential candidates for the internal promotion process.
  • We provide measurable results. we will identify opportunity areas in record time.

We introduce you

Productivity Operating System


is a productivity operating system®

that studies the behavior of leaders over time generating KPIs of behavior and human interaction. This allows us to guarantee an increase in the productivity and performance of the organization’s leaders.

GAIUS®  works with two tools:



Behavior Change Adoption Hexagon

Under the direction of a BIT mentor and the support of our digital platform, leaders work on their HACC ® establishing a new language and dynamics of commitment that is measured level by level.


Our ZÖE® digital platform allows us to generate analytical information to be able to monitor and qualify the level of engagement and integration of the leaders and the rest of the participating teams.

Our methodology

GUARANTEE RESULTS through the effective application and analysis of the following relationships

Leader with leader
Leader with group
Leader with well-being
Leader with company

Leader with leader

Under the direction of a BIT mentor and the support of our digital platform, leaders work on their HACC ® establishing a new language and dynamics of commitment that is measured level by level.

Leader with group

The participating leaders interact with the digital platform to practice digital neuroplasticity ® that invites them to carry out daily interaction and integration activities with their collaborators, creating an organizational culture. This ensures that leaders apply what they learn instead of just leaving it to the will.

Leader with well-being

The first three levels are 100% focused on the development of well-being, skills and competencies of the participating leaders through the HACC tool. We take a monthly reading of weight, fat percentage and chronological age vs individual biological age and average of the group.

Leader with company

Leaders work in groups, directed and focused on projects that are aligned and/or complementary to the company’s goals. Under a language of greater integration, collaboration and communication, the participants develop the ability to integrate while the company enjoys the fruits of a higher level of productivity.

Our Program


Mastery Program for Corporate Leaders





Our objetive

Based on 3 areas



  • Increase in sales
  • Increase in productivity
  • Reduction in staff turnover
  • Increase in the level of integration
  • Increase in the level of communication
  • Increase in the level of commitment


Knowing how to use culture and purpose in organizations is a key factor for the success of a committed team capable of achieving its goals.

The companies that are capable of transmitting and committing their team to the culture and purpose are the companies that can share security, family values, health and well-being, a sense of contribution and stability for their collaborators.

Generating a culture change is a process that is worked on in a group and individually with each and every one of the leaders.


  • Applied and proactive development of the skills of all members of the group.
  • Promotion of the practice of skills focused on the needs of each participating leader.
  • Monthly measurement analysis of the development and scope of participating leaders.

We implement 6 Factors

Organizational culture

It is the basis for reinforcing and building a team that has the necessary characteristics to be productive and profitable.


Six steps to spark a cultural shift from pro-action to team discipline.

ZÖE® Digital Platform

The ideal tool that helps us measure the progress and commitment of team leaders in real time.

10x effect

It is the effect that allows us to spread the benefits of the program at all levels of the  organization.


It allows us to generate the KPIs to more accurately measure the progress of the leaders in three relationships: leader with leader, leader with group and leader with company.


Key to generating a solid organizational culture based on the commitment of its members.

Our clients




«I am more than satisfied with the achievements»

Gerardo Suárez

General Manager, Gas Express Nieto

«We achieved a global reach of the work team by 99%»

Rolando Blanco

HR director, Pentaton

«Decision making becomes more agile»

Roberto García

Managing Director, MPI Products of Mexico

«I lost 14 kilos and improved my self-esteem»

Brenda Villareal

Treasurer, Vialli Grupo Inmobiliario

«It is an experience that everyone should live.»

Homero Ortiz

System Manager , Kimberly Clark


Cause companies to develop a culture capable of raising the well-being and productivity of human capital in a comprehensive and proactive way.


Achieve a change in society through its leaders, working hand in hand with organizations to transform each country, one company at a time.


Convert companies into true vehicles of cultural and social transformation, where they themselves are recognized as the main causes of said transformation.

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